Friday, February 11, 2011

Steering Bit

k then....

Lets get on with this shall we?

First bit I decided to put on was the handlebars bit. The thing you hang onto ya?

Before you connect em up though, you need to insert the fork, and for that you need a headset on the bike. This wee bit of metal gives your forks a nice comfy feeling, basically you insert the forks into the headset (the are bits of the headset at either end of the headtube).

Shit spins round easy cause they have bearings or something like that.

Headsets are generally 1.1/8 these days, so I trotted off to CRC and got a nice cheap un. The FSA pig (oink oink) fitted the bill nicely (and the pocket).

All you get for that is a lot of wee circles like this, its fairly disappointing tbh.

Still its fairly obvious what bit goes where. As it was an FSA model, the crown race (the bit that goes over the forks, was split, and therefore piss easy to install), no need for any fancy tools, just drop it over the forks and tappy tappy down with a screwdriver. Tick in the box for mr FSA.

You plug these into the headtube, but they dont screw in, it is sheer grunt to get these buggers in. You need a tool, called a headset press. You can make em yourself, or buy one. I ended up doing both (durr) as for some reason I could get one in fine with my self-built effort but not the other side. A quick £30 down the tubes (this time at wiggle) sorted me right out. Hopefully I will be able to rent that tool out to some other chumps. ahem.

So once that was on, it was time to put on the stem, and the bars. Pop them on, and screw down the top bit of the headset. There is a wee screw inside the forks call the star nut that they attach to. My forks came with it in already, cause they were off some gypsy and second hand. If you are posh, you'll need to fit yer own.
So, to sum up we have so far:
  • forks
  • stem
  • bar
  • frame
Almost done with this bit, but need to get some headset spacers. The forks are currently 2cm or so too long, so some spacers will be needed to fully sort it out. or it will look a bit shonky. And we can't have that.
There ye go. Next time, bottom bracket time. I can't wait. Can you?

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  1. "still its fairly obvious what bit goes where" - ah famous last words that is. Expect my bike round for a free services when the weatrher improves.


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