Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BAB - bottom brackets and crankset

Continuing on then... its time for the BB.

As usual with these things, there are various different types of BB and sizes you need to get. Easy enough to measure what you need. I plumped for a 2nd hand shimano integrated type below (a BB70) to be precise.

Here is it here:

Boring innit. So to start with I applied a good dab of anti-seize lube into the BB shell. The two parts of the BB are labelled L and R and also tell you which way to screw them in, which is handy.

You obviously get fleeced for another type of spanner for this mind you....

So once those were in and screwed nice and tight, its time for the cranks. A wee bargain these off the STW forums. XT. quite posh for me.

Now this was easy. You just pop em through one side (give em a bash with a hammer) and attach the other crank arm to the spindle, and tighten it with a wee nut thing that came with the cranks.

Jobs a good un!

Next time we shall get into the meat of it, and start installing the anchors!


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  1. Looking good and most informative. Flaties or clickies for the pedals? The suspense! Any chance of a pic of all those spanners you never use again?


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