Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kilpatrick Hills

Time for a local jaunt, no need to sit hours in the car, we started at Milngavie, the plan to Head over the Kilpatrick Hills in a loop-like route.

We blagged this route off a What-Mountain-Bike magazine coverdisk, so you would of thought the trail would of been well marked, but it fell a bit short at the end.

The first section from Milngavie to Hardgate is good, head over past Craigtown school to Cochno road, nice bits of wee ST and riding over fields to get the legs warmed up. Just as well, cause the pull up to Greenside reservoir takes its toll. From there you need to get to Loch Humphrey, there are some trails marked just be careful in your choice. Quite boggy riding but certainly easy enough to find your way (hint:follow the pylons).

From Humphrey to Lily you follow a fairly muddy trail, look for the intersection of the stone walls, and don't try and head over Duncolm hill. Stick left. Once past Lily loch the route to Burncrooks is poor at best, heavy riding over boggy moorland. Lots of falling off been done as the front wheels got sucked down. After Burncrooks its standard fire-road trail back onto the WHW to head to Milngavie.

Piccies are here

Highlight: Down from Craigton to Hardgate
Lowlight: Lily to Burncrooks
Summary: Potential to be a cracker - but a touch too wet and Lily loch section brings it down.
Ride Rating: 6/10

Date: 17/10/09
Pedaling time: 4.5hrs
Distance: 19miles
Max speed: ?
Total ascent: ?
Total descent: ?
Puncture count: 0
Bike shop: Solid Rock Cycles
Cafe: Lots in Milngavie
Riders: DH,RI, SC

Driving from Glasgow
Distance: 10 miles
Travel time: 15mins
Directions: Google Maps

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