Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 @ Kirroughtree

Too old, too unfit, too slow. Any excuse will do.

Two of undertook 10 @ Kirroughtree and managed four laps. Poor. I can't even bring myself to go on typing...

I blame the midgies.

Date: 09/07 2011
Position: 76th out of 83
Pedaling time: 8 hours 22 minutes but much of that involved the timing chip sitting in the sun
Distance: Just over 10 miles per lap
Number of laps completed: 5 (although we can only remember doing 4 :p)
Fastest lap time: 22 minutes (ahem... dodgy timing chip?)
Slowest lap time: 2 hours 20 minutes (see above?)
Puncture count: 1
Bike shop: At the car park
Cafe: Excellent hog roast
Riders: AS and DH

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